Why You Might Want to Opt For Spinal Surgery

If you have issues with your spine and are interested in finding out why you may want to undergo spinal surgery, simply continue reading to discover how opting for spinal surgery can treat chronic pain.

To treat nerve pain which is caused by a herniated disk:

If you have been diagnosed with sciatica due to a herniated disk and as a result suffer from crippling pain, you may opt to undergo spinal surgery in order to remove the herniated disk. As if a herniated disk continues to press onto your nerve, you’ll experience severe pain. If you have a herniated disk it’s well worth talking to a Spine MD about undergoing a microdiscetomy surgery.

To relieve lower back pain:

If you frequently suffer from lower back pain there is a chance that you may have spinal stenosis. If you are diagnosed with spinal stenosis you may choose to undergo a laminectomy which is a surgical procedure that treats the root cause of the pressure on your lower back which causes you discomfort. During a laminectomy, you will remove any bone spurs or thickened ligaments which are pressing on to your lower back.

To strengthen your spine:

One of the most common spinal surgeries is spinal fusion. There are a wide variety of reasons to undergo spinal fusion. As examples, if you suffer from scoliosis or have spinal discs which have degenerated over time, you can strengthen your spine by undergoing a spinal fusion. If you opt to undergo a spinal fusion procedure your surgeon will use some of your bone to fuse some of your vertebrae together. Your surgeon will also place screws in each of your effected vertebrae in order to further strengthen your spine.

To enjoy a healthy active lifestyle:

You’ll find it far easier to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle if you treat any serious spinal issues which you may have which may hold you back from being active. Especially as simple actives such as walking will be a lot easier.

So if you suffer from chronic pain as a result of a spinal condition such as stenosis or sciatica, it’s well worth talking to a spine doctor about your options. As if you undergo spinal surgery, you should be able to effectively treat the root cause of your crippling pain which will give you a brand new lease on life.