When You Are Being Audited by the IRS

You have no idea where to begin. Then, there is the tax bill that says you owe $15K in back taxes, and have to pay it immediately. What do you do then? The IRS is claiming they will take your assets, come after your property, and put you out of business (in nicer terms, of course). This is where hiring a tax attorney and specialists is going to serve you well as a business owner who is being audited. Dallo Law Group can help!

Look at all alternatives 

We will work to find a solution for you. We take the approach of looking at the whole picture at Dallo Law Group. If you owe back taxes for 10 years, we will go through previous returns. If there are discrepancies, even small ones, we’ll note them with the IRS. If we an appeal something they are claiming which isn’t true, we will do so. Basically, we will exhaust all of our options to represent you, to ensure you do not lose your business, you don’t lose any property or assets, and that you are paying the smallest tax bill possible, in the event you do owe money to the IRS. 

We’ll Negotiate your tax liability

More often than not, you can reduce your tax liability greatly. Especially if you owe such a high amount. The IRS is more than happy to take 1/2, if not less, in many cases, as opposed to not getting anything. Let our team negotiate on your behalf. Why? The IRS isn’t going to tell you, a taxpayer, that you can pay them half of what you owe them if you pay it in full. But, as a team of legal experts, they’ll work with us because they know we are familiar with the laws and penalties. So, we’re more likely to get a greatly reduced settlement amount, so you can pay it off, and go back to business, without worrying about losing your business because of monies owed to the IRS. 

Being audited or receiving a huge tax penalty/bill is scary for many. But, don’t fret and don’t try to settle things on your own. Give our team at Dallo Law Group a call and schedule a consultation with us, so we can work for you, and help reduce your tax liability for business taxes your company owes.