Preparing For The First Meeting With Your workers compensation lawyer

You have been sourcing out for a workers compensation lawyer Los Angeles and have finally found one. And now that your meeting date and time has been set, you should prepare for it and that means knowing what to carry and the questions you should ask. Remember at the end of the day, the lawyer you hire will in some great way contribute to the number of benefits you receive. So to ensure you get the best out of the meetings, here are some tips to get you started; 

Compile A Short Timeline Of Events

Lawyers, just like other serious professionals like basing their arguments on concrete facts. So prior to your meeting, take some time to draft down all the details pertaining to your case. Anything you remember is important, so don’t leave out any information no matter how trivial it might seem. This should include the time of your hiring, when the injury occurred, how it happened when the employer came to know about it and any medical attention you received. Remember all this information should back up with some documents such as medical records, witnesses, your employer’s correspondence or that of your employer’s insurance to your claim.

Remember this first meeting will be an opportunity to determine if the workers’ compensation lawyer is a perfect match for your needs. So be on the lookout for any loopholes by asking the following questions;

Are You Fully Certified? This should be the first question you should ask your workers compensation lawyer Los Angeles. Working with one certified on workers compensation gives you the confidence that you’re working with the most experienced in the industry. Yes, it might not be a must, but better is always good, right?

Who will you be working on my case with? This will help you understand whether there will be other trained individuals involved in your case. Having another helping hand means you won’t have to worry about the handling of bulky work. And that’s why working with established law firms such as is a great idea as there will be more experienced experts working for you. 

How much experience do you have on workers compensation cases? And How many have you handled in the past year? Asking this question will give you a glimpse of the lawyer’s specialization. If much of their time is devoted to more similar cases as yours recently( than those of insurance companies), then chances of representing you well are high.