Benefits of Hiring a Tax Relief Attorney

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Did you know that tax evasion or tax fraud are serious offenses that come with serious consequences? If you haven’t been filing your tax returns, have a large amount of unpaid taxes or have been engaging in tax fraud, IRS can have you arrested and charged in the court of law. 

Having a tax lawyer on your side when been investigated by IRS can significantly reduce your chances of paying hefty fines associated with tax fraud and evasion cases. In this article, we have put together a few benefits of hiring a tax relief lawyer for your tax-related case. 

1. Attorney-Client Privilege 

 This is a legal privilege that protects confidential information shared between lawyers and their clients. The privilege makes all your communications between you and your attorney strictly confidential. When you hire a professional tax debt firm like OC Tax Relief, you’re guaranteed of this opportunity. You’ll be able to share all relevant information about your tax evasion or fraud case to your attorney with fear of it being used against you. This way, your attorney will be able to give better advice and represent you in a moreeffective manner. The lawyer will then use this information to try to stop the case and remove the charges against you.

2. Well Rounded Advice 

This attorney typically has vast knowledge to offer you several effective solutions to your particular tax case than other tax experts. For example, CPAs or other types of tax experts cannot help you file for bankruptcy. Tax relief attorneys can give you plenty of effective solutions than other tax experts, which is actually a good thing especially when dealing with technical or complex tax problems.

3. Representation 

 A tax relief attorney can represent you and act on your behalf before the IRS and the court. With their legal power of lawyer representation, your tax debt or tax relief attorney will respond to IRS letters, represent you at their meetings, and handle any other issue related to IRS on your behalf. Unlike a tax professional, tax attorneys can represent you before the tax court for your tax case. 

4. Excellent Negotiation Skills

Tax laws are very technical and complex. It’s difficult to figure out what you’re owed, what tax relief mechanism you qualify for or the penalties you’ll be required by the IRS to pay. The best thing is tax related cases can be negotiated, and tax relief attorneys usually have more superb negotiation skills than other tax professionals. 

These are some of the benefits of hiring a tax relief attorney. If you are having a tax fraud or tax evasion case, you can count on OC Tax Relief to help you with your case.